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10 Things You Should STOP Doing in Order to Level-Up

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Change means something different to each of us. Some of us welcome change while others experience anxiety at the mere mention. Whether it is welcomed or not, one thing is for sure, change is happening around us constantly. It's what moves us from one phase of our lives to the next. With that said, change is what inspired this post. 

In my quest to become a better businesswoman & better person in general, I came to the realization that I had to make major changes in my life. The first change being, I needed to stop participating in "Low-Level Management."

What is "Low-Level Management?"

Simply put, anything that keeps you from ascending from that "basic" level of life & becoming a better person. Things that limit you from being taken seriously as a person and/or entrepreneur. 

Below I've listed 10 major things that you should stop doing NOW in order to level-up & become a better you! (Let me be clear...I still do some of these things occasionally.) We're all a work in progress, right? Right. Let's get started, shall we?





Listen, good things literally CAN'T happen for you if you're praying for someone else's downfall. Learn to be genuinely happy for someone else if you want happiness in your own life. Oh yeah, stop hanging with haters too. Ya'll feed off each other's #hatingassbitch vibes and that's just not good. 



The Help: You is smart, You is kind, You is important

Speaking negatively about yourself spotlights your insecurities instead of the great things about you (and other people can tell). Speaking negatively of yourself makes other people feel like they can speak negatively of you too. Big NO-NO. A confident woman is a dangerous one, Queen! Need somewhere to start? Check out our "20 Daily Affirmations for Ambitious Girls." 



NeNe Leakes eye roll

Everyone has bad things happen to them. We all want an ear, a shoulder to cry on, & a confidant. But even your confidant doesn't want to hear you complain 24/7! Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you react to it. Sometimes you just have to lace your boots up & weather the storm! Put up or shut up!



Phaedra Parks "fix it jesus"

NOW...y'all knew I was gonna get to this. STOP it, stop...just stop. You look drama-filled & adolescent. Long story one will take you seriously if you're on Facebook arguing with your boyfriend's baby mama, her mama, your ex-bestie, & your baby daddy. This includes the endless subliminal posts & memes. Find you a nice lil' hobby instead. Get it together ladies!!



Taylor Swift suck it 

Ever ask someone where they bought something (shoes, purse, etc.) & they pretended not to remember? *hard eye roll* Ladies, if you're an entrepreneur (even if you aren't), this is Networking 101. Be a blessing to someone else by passing on and sharing information that you've gathered. You don't have to share everything but helping the next person costs you nothing. Personally, I hate it when people ask me where I got my stuff...(lol)... BUT, I'll tell you if you ask because I'm no hater (see Number 1).



Beyonce Kelly Rowland We Like To Party

You're never going to get anything done if you don't focus. There was a time in my life where I'd be studying & my bestie would call to invite me out. Instead of focusing & continuing to study, I took my ass to the club! lol. You know what that got me? A big fat "FAIL." point is, take care of your PRIORITIES first. Don't be distracted by fun. Fun doesn't pay the bills!




Keep people (especially on social networks) on a "need-to-know" level. I've witnessed people jump the gun & announce things to the world that eventually never happened or didn't happen as they intended. Then everyone else is still waiting like "hmmmm..." (see Prince ^).  Let your hard work speak for itself. 




As an outgoing introvert, I find comfort in solitude more often than not. However, I can be engaging & social if need-be. It's important to get out & let people see your face. Let people get to know the person they'll potentially be doing business with. Even if you aren't doing any business, people like to know that you're not an unapproachable zombie/mute.




You know what you have time for better than anyone else. The more things you put off, the more things you'll have to do later. Make a schedule, and stick to it. 



step outside of your comfort zone, that's where the magic happens!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is one of the most important factors in personal growth. When you welcome challenges instead of avoiding them, it helps you perform at your highest level. Being stuck in routine will not foster your growth. Don't waste time being scared. A wise man once said: "Scared money don't make no money..." LOL!


 "If you can change your mind, you can change your life." - William James




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  • Lmao I LOVE this post! Everything is so true! I truly appreciate the gifs that were added in. Lol

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