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3 [LUXE] Ways to Stay Focused

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Ever heard of the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none"? I used to hate that saying. I felt like it was sooo untrue. Being a "creative" since a young age, there were plenty of things I felt I was good at. And with that, I went through life confused about what I would become when I grew up. I wanted to do everything. I grew up & had this grand idea that I'd become a full-time artist, run Luxe Reserve, AND be a famous, successful hairstylist. All at the same time. BY MYSELF. So you can see why that "master of none" junk got to me. 

Then something happened. I came to my senses. I decided to take EVERYONE'S advice & focus..on one thing. It was one of the best decisions I could've made. After all that time & all my impractical thinking, the biggest lesson I learned is that whatever you give your focus is what will grow. So here are 3 tips that have helped me get & STAY focused.

1. Eliminate your distractions. Turn off the television. Turn off your phone. Whatever is taking your focus away from the matter that hand, needs to be eliminated. Studies show that for every distraction, it takes about 21 minutes to regain focus. Imagine getting sucked into scrolling on Instagram. You'll NEVER regain focus. lol. Take it from me. Even though I work from home, I get the bulk of my work done away from home, because eliminating my distractions is vital to my growth. Starbucks is like my office. 

2. Make a plan. It's much easier to focus when you know exactly what to focus on. So make sure you have a plan, a goal, and a destination. Check out our Quick Guide to Goal-Mapping to learn exactly how to build the roadmap to your biggest goals!

3. Take breaks. We all know the grind never stops...but here's the gag: it does if you don't. Meaning the longer you go without stopping to rest, the more your energy wanes, & with that, you stop working altogether. My advice is to take a break after every 30-45 minutes of work.


Keep in mind that these tips apply to more than just your work life. Focus on the things that grow you & make you better. Starve your distractions...Feed your FOCUS.


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