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How to spot a FAKE expert!

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Is it me, or did the internet EXPLODE with "experts" over the past year or two? The offers sound SO GOOD!

"Learn how to get a million followers in a week!"

"Take this $865 master webinar & learn step-by-step how to make a million dollars RIGHT NOW!"

It seems like all of a sudden, any regular degular Joe Shmoe is an expert, right?  Wrong.

There are actual REAL experts, who study, research, test, fail, try again, test again, & win! Then there are the FAKES, who lie, cheat, take your money, & disappear to scam another day.

Before you hand over your hard-earned coin, do your homework on these "experts."

-CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE. Do they have any testimonials listed? Do they offer ANYTHING valuable, or do they simply lead you to where you enter your credit card info??

-GOOGLE THEM! Google is your friend, sis! Your friend with all the tea. Google this person's name or service & add "reviews." See how people feel about them.

-SEARCH FOR THEM ON FACEBOOK AND/OR LINKEDIN. When you search for someone on Facebook, you get to see more than just their profile. They show you photos, videos, tags & mentions. See how they come up in conversation.

-CHECK OUT THEIR OTHER SOCIAL HANDLES & DO THE MATH. Sometimes numbers DO lie! If they've got 155k followers on Instagram, but they only got 29 likes on their last post & all of their engagement looks like "great post 👍," something is definitely NOT RIGHT.

We all need help, & we all need support, but sometimes you have to take heed of the red flags. Everything offered to you is not good for you! Some people who claim they want to help, (especially if they require you to purchase something first) are probably not really looking to help you. Save yourself, don't throw money away, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, QUEEN! 

Don't get caught slipping! When you see an offer that may be too good to be true, do your research before you check it out!

To remind you, we've created a simple checklist! Get yours below.

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