The Smart Girl Comeback! Best Reasons Why Smart Girls Are Sexier...

We don't know when this happened (or if you've noticed), but more & more we're noticing the smart girls are getting some serious shine! So we've outlined just WHY smart girls are sexier. Of course this all depends on your definition of "smart," as well as your definition of "sexy," but let's just go with it.

Since the dawn of social media, & more recently...filters, some of us have been re-programmed into thinking all women should promote exaggerated bodies, flawless figures, & beat faces to get noticed. This generation has seen more nip/tuck than a lil' bit! LOL. In comparison, we've rarely seen women of today praised more for what's inside of their heads as opposed to what's on (or not on) their bodies. With that in mind, we created our "Smart" Tee & set out to support girls with healthy minds. 

So...just WHY are smart girls sexier? Because...


...they are passionate. 

Smart girls care about a lot of things. They like to be aware of what's going on locally as well as nationally, & they passionately support causes they believe in.


...they pay attention. 

Smart girls are naturally observant. They see & notice almost everything, so manipulating a smart girl won't be easy!


...they're lowkey. 

Not to be confused with (or compared to) pretentious know-it-alls, real smart girls don't have to make others feel stupid for their intelligence to be recognized.


...they're a challenge. 

Smart girls ask questions! Lots of them. You'll never find a smart girl who just smiles & nods. They don't shy away from a good debate & will almost always challenge the status quo.


To sum things up, smart girls literally ROCK! Let's get into this "Smart Girl Comeback!"

Comment & list a reason why YOU think smart girls are sexier!  Here's a cute infographic to share with friends.

"Why Smart Girls Are Sexier"



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