Love or the Hustle: What Would YOU Do?

Okay, let me just say...I have TRIED to give up ratchet reality TV. I have. But it is my guilty pleasure. Sometimes I'll be right in the middle of an episode of Love & Hip Hop, & I'm thinking to myself "WHY am I watching this crap?!," but I can't take my eyes off the screen. Judge me, I'm fine with it. LOL.

With that said, raise your hand if you watched Love & Hip Hop Hollywood last night! Okay, for those of us who've been watching, we know that Willie Taylor (formerly of the R&B group "Day 26") and his wife Shanda Taylor have joined the cast this season. So far, we've learned that Willie, Shanda, & their two children have packed up and moved from Chicago to Cali to be closer to the action. While Willie is trying to make his musical comeback, they've been surviving on their savings, which from Shanda's standpoint, is dwindling. Bills are due (and past due) & she's starting to get worried that they'll have to give up on their Hollywood dreams & return to Chicago. Shanda reveals that she used to be a dancer back in Chicago & if need-be she doesn't have a problem with pulling out her dancing shoes & going back to work. There's only one problem, her husband says NO WAY! 

Love OR the Hustle: What would YOU Do?

In last night's episode, Shanda learns that Willie was less than forthcoming about a contract he had with a man named Harry. He told her he'd successfully ended the contract agreement...she later finds out that his attempt was in fact, unsuccessful & the contract was still in tact. With that, she puts on her dancing shoes & heads to the strip club. Her reasoning behind this is she's a hustler and a provider, and she's going to provide for her family by any means necessary.

In scenes from the next episode, we see Willie telling Shanda if she's going to dance, she's going to do it alone & that she needs to "get out." 

My question is she wrong? If your significant other tells you they have everything under control, yet bills are still stacking & becoming past due, would you take it into your own hands (against their wishes) to make sure sh*t gets done?  Have we become such strong women that we have totally done away with letting a man be a man? Hmmm...

Comment below & tell me what you think. What would you do?


  • ATG

    I don’t think she’s wrong for trying to step in and help out but I’m pretty sure his issue is how she’s doing to do so. Like you don’t have no other skills or education? Is stripping really the only think you can do to make money? I don’t believe that. So while I understand what she’s trying to do, I also understand Willie’s frustrations. I by no means would stand by and let my family drown just so my man can feel like a man. If you wanna feel like a man do more to get the family on our feet and grow up and stop telling lies. I, as a woman, would get a job but out of respect for my husband and children, would have tried to find something else rather than go back to stripping.

  • Robin

    I think if they were just dating her “doing her thing” wouldnt be so bad, a bit disrespectful none the less. However being that they are married and Willie said no then I find it extremely disrespectful not only to her husband but herself and her kids as well. We will see how this pans out.

  • Sweet Cheeks Monroe

    Personally I struggle with letting a man be a man if his manhood challenges my livelyhood. If your ego is hindering positive progression as a unit, as a family AND you lie about it while you’re letting us sink? Yes I would do what I needed to do until that man decided to step up or step aside.

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