Why We HATE the Internet...

Ok...we don't really hate the internet, but some of ya'll get on our nerves. LOL. If you missed our Instagram story, NO FEAR; We've compiled a pretty little list (because you know how much we LOVE lists) of our top ten social media pet peeves.


10. Constant complaining. We all know "shit happens." We don't want to hear all the bad things that are happening to you, when they happen, how they happen, every day, constantly. It's draining. When you constantly focus on what's going wrong in your life, you don't give yourself the opportunity to appreciate what's going right. Write that down.


9. Not proofreading. Take a minute before posting to ask yourself "does this make sense?" Please. Auto-correct is almost always on some BS...but not always. Stay woke.



8. Posting about your relationship drama/TMI. If you post it...

  • we will look
  • we will (probably) laugh
  • we will screenshot
  • we will share
  • we will comment

Don't tell us to mind our business. 



7. Posting pictures of yourself crying. LOOK, just stop it. Stoppppp it. If you can post a picture of yourself crying, there's nothing wrong with you. Don't argue.


6. "I'm deleting my page", "I'm cleaning my friends list." ....WE DO NOT CARE. 


5. Pics with dirty backgrounds. This needs no explanation. Take a look around..tidy up a lil bit guys.


4. Posting drugs/guns...and then acting surprised when the po-po waiting for you at the door. YOU KNEW. Let's revisit number 8...TMI!


3. "Cooking for bae" pics.  Maaannn if you don't get these ramen noodle/vienna sausage meals up. out. our. face... (If you don't know what we mean, PLEASE visit @Cookingforbae on Instagram for further explanation.)



2. Pics of you & your s/o...with their face blocked out. Why post the picture at all? WHY? WHY? WHY?...WHY? Either keep your relationship private or don't. There's no half-stepping here.


1. Sharing fake news. PLEASSEEEE fact check. Please make sure you're sharing stories from reputable websites and not satire sites. Please read the actual article before sharing, not just the headline. Please. 


 If you or someone you know is behaving this way online...

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