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Live the Luxe Life

Luxurious Style for the Unapologetic Trendsetter


Created for the fashion-forward fly girl who loves expressing herself through style, Luxe Reserve delivers quality designs for your everyday life. From carefully cultivated wardrobe staples to posh home décor, Luxe Reserve is guaranteed to have something that fits right into your lifestyle.


Our bold and energetic designs speak to the dreamer in you and serve as a wearable, constant reminder that 

YOU are brave,

YOU are fearless,


YOU are in control of your destiny.


Our goal is to stay connected to the classic fashion of the past, while remaining a forward-focused brand. We are always looking to the future to remain innovative and bring what’s next to the Luxe Reserve client!

Step outside the box, express yourself, & give that LUXE GIRL EFFECT!

Only for the stylish, strong, & LUXURIOUS.

Are You Ready To Live The Luxe Life?





Ms. Jeph | Owner of Luxe Reserve 

To put it simply, life fell apart.

A short-lived, failed marriage; coupled with unemployment, repossessed vehicles and no money in the bank...left me (to put it lightly) hopeless.

I became distant,

Lost at least 20 lbs due to stress,

and cried enough tears to fill a river.

I was isolated and desperate

After suffering through the pain of having lost so much, and finally deciding that I wanted and needed much better for myself, I received an unexpected check which would serve as the exact thing I needed to get my life back in order.

I regained my sense of purpose and ambition sparked in me.

I knew that if I could find the strength to persevere through the last few months, I could certainly turn those lemons into lemonade and learn a valuable lesson in the process.

Knowing that I had to create a better life for myself, I pulled out my laptop, put my graphic design skills to use and created a t-shirt line.

That was the beginning of Luxe Reserve.

I wanted to design products with bold, “in your face” messages on them. Messages that screamed “I am THAT BITCH.”

I wanted my apparel to exude confidence with a dash of conceit...because I felt then (more than ever), it was important for women to love the hell out of themselves. This was going to be for the girls like me, who’d fallen & gotten back up; who were ambitious, believed in themselves, & knew that even though they weren’t where they wanted to be, they KNEW where they were going. The Queens.

“A Queen Will Always Turn Pain into Power.”

I don’t know who said it, but that quote has come to somewhat define my life. We all go through obstacles. That’s just a part of living. They either make us greater…or they don’t; but I think there’s always one event that ultimately leads us to our destiny. The day I received my divorce decree was the day Luxe Reserve was officially born. I used my own brand to inspire me to do more & become more.


We validate ourselves.

We make a way out of no way & we WIN by any means necessary.



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