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Behind the Brand

Ms. Jeph | Owner of Luxe Reserve








To put it simply, life fell apart.

A short-lived, failed marriage; coupled with unemployment, repossessed vehicles and no money in the bank...left me (to put it lightly) hopeless.

I became distant,

Lost at least 20 lbs due to stress,

and cried enough tears to fill a river.

I was isolated and desperate

After suffering through the pain of having lost so much, and finally deciding that I wanted and needed much better for myself, I received an unexpected check which would serve as the exact thing I needed to get my life back in order.

I regained my sense of purpose and ambition sparked in me.

I knew that if I could find the strength to persevere through the last few months, I could certainly turn those lemons into lemonade and learn a valuable lesson in the process.

Knowing that I had to create a better life for myself, I pulled out my laptop, put my graphic design skills to use and created a t-shirt line.

That was the beginning of Luxe Reserve.

I wanted to design products with bold, “in your face” messages on them. Messages that screamed “I am THAT BITCH.”

I wanted my apparel to exude confidence with a dash of conceit...because I felt then (more than ever), it was important for women to love the hell out of themselves. This was going to be for the girls like me, who’d fallen & gotten back up; who were ambitious, believed in themselves, & knew that even though they weren’t where they wanted to be, they KNEW where they were going. The Queens.

“A Queen Will Always Turn Pain into Power.”

I don’t know who said it, but that quote has come to somewhat define my life. We all go through obstacles. That’s just a part of living. They either make us greater…or they don’t; but I think there’s always one event that ultimately leads us to our destiny. The day I received my divorce decree was the day Luxe Reserve was officially born. I used my own brand to inspire me to do more & become more.


We validate ourselves.

We make a way out of no way & we WIN by any means necessary.



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