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 Told by Owner, Jeph

Five years ago, unbeknownst to me, I was in the midst of a life changing turn of events. During that time, I felt like so much negativity had taken a hold of my life, I couldn’t see a way out of it. I'd just gotten out of a short-lived, yet terrible marriage that completely drained me.  It was an experience that left me in a place where, for the first time in my life, I doubted myself. I felt like I'd lost myself and I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Throughout the course of said “marriage,” I ended up unemployed, two vehicles repossessed, without a bank account—flat broke & in danger of losing my apartment every month. Still, my pride wouldn’t let me stop fighting for what I thought was…love.


I became distant & hid things from my family,

I’d lost 20lbs due to stress,

I cried...A LOT,

& I cut myself off from my friends-- who at the time, I felt didn’t understand me & weren’t really trying to.


I eventually decided to leave that relationship, & when I did, I received an unexpected check, which allowed me to get the ball rolling on getting my life back together. To me, that was confirmation that I’d made the right decision in moving forward. I’d lost a lot of things...but not EVERYTHING. I still had my family, who’d never left my side; I made friends with a great group of girls who held me up every time I thought I was losing it; I still had some of my old friends who stuck around and saw me through the thick of it; but most importantly…I had regained my AMBITION. I knew that if I could find the strength to stand, I’d turn those lemons into lemonade. That’s exactly what I did.


I went to work. With REAL love & support behind me, I began working on my brand. I had no budget, no real money to start with, but I was determined to make it work, even if I had to go SLOW. I had a clear vision. So I got on my laptop & started creating designs for t-shirts. I wanted to design products with bold, “in your face” messages on them. Messages that screamed “I am THAT BITCH.” I wanted my apparel to exude confidence with a dash of conceit...because I felt then (more than ever), it was important for women to love the hell out of themselves. This was going to be for the girls like me, who’d fallen & gotten back up; who were ambitious, believed in themselves, & knew that even though they weren’t where they wanted to be, they KNEW where they were going. The Queens.


“A Queen Will Always Turn Pain into Power.”

 I don’t know who said it, but that quote has come to somewhat define my life. We all go through obstacles. That’s just a part of living. They either make us greater…or they don’t; but I think there’s always one event that ultimately leads us to our destiny. The day I received my divorce decree was the day Luxe Reserve was officially born. I used my own brand to inspire me to do more & become more.



We validate ourselves. We make a way out of no way & we WIN by any means necessary. 


To learn more about me, visit www.MsJeph.com

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